Bathroom Trends You Will Love

February 20, 2018 12:00 am

Large modern bathroom with a glass shower and a large round tubFor many people, the bathroom is seen as somewhat of a personal sanctuary. What was once seen as a place of functionality is now considered a personal spa where many homeowners relax and pamper themselves. Here are some hot bathroom trends for 2018 that will make your bathroom a place you love.

Standalone Bathtubs – Freestanding tubs are starting to be seen as not only a bathtub, but also a design element used as a focal point of a bathroom. To view some beautifully designed bathrooms with standalone tubs click here.

Monochrome Style – Monochromatic bathrooms are a hot trend for 2018. To add texture to a monochromatic space, you may see bathrooms with different shades and patters of a single color. View monochromatic bathrooms here.

Metal-Framed Showers – According to design experts, 2018 is the year metal-framed showers will begin to appear in most trendy bathrooms. Metal-framed showers create a window appearance with a rustic or industrial feel. See an example here.

Digital Temperature Settings – Digital temperature settings in a bathroom allow for setting the shower at a preferred temperature. This will create a steady flow of water that won’t have a sudden change in temperature. Click here for more information on these.

Brass and Gold Fixtures – Brass and chrome fixtures are making a comeback and replacing the ever-popular chrome and stainless steel. Many designers are using the gold tones to add a warmer hue to bathrooms. View examples here.

Check out more bathroom design trends for 2018 here.

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